Boys Lie

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"The boys lie movement - Aspire not to have more but to be more - It's so easy to put hatred out to the world and social media can make it easy to highlight our insecurities. While we knot the name Boys Lie might be interpreted as negative, it's really meant to be an expression of self-worth that speaks to the way we deserve to be treated - Find your fire because one day your pain will all be useful - Boys Lie 2020". "It's not what you gather but what you scatter that tells the life you have lived. - Helen Walton". 50% algodón 50% poliéster. Bordes de costuras acanaladas. Gr?fico serigrafiado. Tejido de vellón. Importado. Nº artículo Revolve BOYR-WK28. Nº de estilo del fabricante BSL00474D.

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  • Medidas de modelo: Altura 5'10", Cintura 23.5, Pecho 32, Cadera 35
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In 2007, Boys Lie founders Tori Robinson and Leah O'Malley attended different high schools, circled different cliques, and had very different interests - little did they know that they were fated to become best friends and co-founders. In the summer of 2016, Tori and Leah found themselves going through the same thing: a big break up with a serious boyfriend. Their exes just happened to be best friends. The girls formed an unparalleled bond, through comfort and support, and discovered they complemented each other. That singular experience inspired a mantra that turned into a concept for their current business venture. Something incredible can emerge from excruciating pain: a tiny push in the right direction, encouragement from an unexpected source, a compliment from a stranger - or a serendipitous friendship - can change everything. Boys Lie was born of heartbreak and transformed through friendship. While going through their own breakups, Tori and Leah inspired one another to overcome trauma, trust issues, and self-doubt.